As a home inspector, I am passionate about bringing peace of mind and practical knowledge to home owners in and around my community.

With over 2 decades of experience in several trades as a hands-on employee, business owner, and general contractor I’ve come to learn the importance of really understanding how a home should perform. Whether you are looking at an older home or something brand new, at DMJ Home Inspections we qualified and prepared for it all.

Being in Newfoundland, means we are quite often looking at heritage style homes, which brings its own beautiful style and at times unique challenges.

Fewer homes here are brand new, while many are upkept or expanded homes with a vast number of additions, upgrades and modernizations. That means you need a home inspector that can appreciate this style and someone who always has this front of mind, while helping you get to know your current or prospective home.



I am trained and licensed through the Carson Dunlop School of Home Inspection, here in Canada.

This school has over 40 years history of building and maintaining the education and standards imperative to helping our clients make the right decision.

In Canada, many provinces do not yet demand a certain standard, or that home inspectors even be licensed to perform such a vital part of the home buying/selling act.

We are certified to complete home inspections according to the CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors) and ASHI (American Standard of Home Inspection) standards.

This was of utmost importance to me because there are many subtle differences between the Canadian and American standards that do need to be taken into account.

I understand that small issues left unchecked, can lead to devastating and costly repairs down the road, I know from experience that while something may appear major, in may in fact just be cosmetic. My priority is to help my clients take all of these things into account and help them leave with a full picture of the home they are looking at.